Stephanie Paxton


Stephanie Paxton

Stephanie Paxton is an illustrator living in Sligo. She qualified with a BA Hons Degree from Middlesex University, London in 2002. She has had Children’s Books published in the UK. “Happy Days ” sold for a Limited time in 1998 in London. It told the story of a little girl with Spina-Bifida. She used mixed media for a “touchy-feely” book based on the creation for special needs children in 2002.

Miranda Moonbeam by Stephanie Paxton Queenie Bee by Stephanie Paxton

“Saturday Soup Stories” a Children’s colouring book aimed at a pre-school audience was launched by Surestart UK in 2003. Stephanie illustrated poems and songs written by the children.

 She was approached by Sligo author Tom Higgins collating “The History of Tennis in Ireland” to do eight line drawings as chapter introductions.

Dublin AIDS Alliance asked her to submit a painting “Arabella Airborne” for their Charity Auction in 2004. This led to Stephanie developing this character into a Children’s Book. She is currently working on a sequel.

She has paintings exhibited in The Bridge Gallery, Ormond Quay, Dublin and her paintings are now exhibited in Gallery No.6, 6 Market Cross, Sligo.

She was involved in “Prototype” a Sligo based graphic artist’s magazine.


Virginias Woolfe by Stephanie Paxton Tuwhittwohoo Trick by Stephanie Paxton Preston by Stephanie Paxton




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