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Kiera O’Toole MPhil Fine Art

Why Drawing Matters...

to me.

I'm concerned with how humans experience the everyday world and in particular the natural world. My hope is to create a 'Holding Space for Wonder'; a space for slow looking as the maker and as the viewer. 

The site as a drawing surface and physical site forms and informs my drawing practice which deeply considers the atmospheric, material, temporal and corporeal aspects of experience.  

The embodied mark and all its complexities: diversity, directness, universality and presentness is evidence of human existence.  It's a way to experience the world and to pay attention to the everyday.


Dublin born Kiera O’Toole is a visual artist and researcher with a studio in The Model in Sligo since 2016.  O'Toole is a PhD researcher at Loughborough University UK.  She completed an MPhil, Fine Art, The University of Newcastle, Australia 2013 and a BA, Fine Art, D.I.T, 2000.  O’Toole’s practice and research examines the perceptual and aesthetic experience of embodied drawing and in particular site-specific drawing.  She is concerned with how humans experience the world and embodied drawing is a way to experience the world and to pay attention to the everyday.  This is released both inside and outside the gallery space: studio, public art, digital media, installation and sculpture.  Her practice includes residences including Project Anywhere which is a global bind peer-reviewed exhibition, conference and book in 2020 and is lead by the University of Melbourne and Parsons School of Art, NY. IO’Toole will presents and also publishes including a book chapter titled ‘Drawing from the Non-Place published by Cambridge Scholars in 2020.  Kiera is a co-founder of Drawing deCentered which is professional artist-led collective that explores contemporary drawing practice in Ireland.


Kiera O’Toole - ‘Day 3 Drawing Wonder VI’, chalk, algae and seawater on bulwark, Dunmoran Strand, Sligo, Ireland, 27th July, 2019 

Kiera O’Toole - 23 weaved drawings - 2020 ink and graphite on paper









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