Liam Thompson


Liam Thompson

Born in Kilkenny in 1980 Liam Thompson is a self taught artist. Liam paints a variety of subjects, landscapes, still life but he is drawn to produce figurative works, including commissioned portraits. 

Paintings are created to be seen, to create thoughts and feelings, to stall the viewer, to create a moment for the viewer to connect with the image or a memory. The challenge is to create a product, a finished image, to achieve this.

The process of painting is very important to Liam - his art, the output from his painting process, is a result of the steps taken along the way. Liam regularly experiments with his painting process to understand the effects on the finished image. There are common elements to Liam's work but simple changes in the painting process give his art separation from artwork to artwork. Each finished image creating its own unique connection with the viewer.


Liam is a member of the Limerick Art Society. He exhibits with the Limerick Art Society, with fellow artists and in solo exhibitions. Commissions welcome.

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