Arts in Education


Sligo Art Services’ Arts in Education Programme recognises the importance of arts learning both within schools (in non-arts and arts classrooms) and beyond school walls in the community (art centers and museums).

The Arts in Education programme supports activities that promote the arts as an integral part of education and lifelong learning for all people in County Sligo.

It aims to support projects which make a difference in the community, such as:

  • Residencies at schools, third level colleges, hospitals, day care centres, cultural and community centres;
  • Cultural programmes serving older people and the building of intergenerational projects;
  • Professional development for teachers and artists;
  • Arts in education research, evaluation and assessment tools; and
  • Partnerships between cultural organisations and others which promote quality artistic programs and lifelong learning in the arts.

Live Music in the Classroom-Music Generation Sligo

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Intergenerational Arts Programme

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