Live Music in the Classroom-Music Generation Sligo


In 2007, following the publication of our Live Music in the Classroom report (2006), Sligo Arts Service and Sligo Education Centre, together with primary school teachers around the county and musicians from Ceoláras Ceolman, Sligo Academy of Music and Sligo Jazz Project formed a partnership to develop and deliver a programme of music education at primary school level. This programme has grown out of the Vogler Quartet in Sligo Residency, an innovative use of an international string quartet as the central resource in a programme of long-term music education and development inSligowhich took place from 1999 to 2004. The work of the residency in the education field has had a strong impact, and the engagement of teachers and artists with this project continues to drive developments in this area.

The programme was delivered from 2008 – 2011, bringing live music to primary school classrooms around the county. Participating teachers worked collaboratively with trained musicians in the design of a six week programme, tailored to enrich the creative experience of music in schools and enhance the delivery of the primary music curriculum inSligo. The period of preparation by teachers and students culminated in ‘in-class’ workshops with musicians. The programme included resources that focused on listening and responding, composing and performing as well as cross curricular ideas and activities. 

As Sligo was successful in the first round of national Music Generation funding, Sligo Music Education Partnership is now expanded and constituted as a sub-committee of Mayo Sligo Leitrim Education and Training Board on which Sligo County Council and Sligo Education Centre are key public service partners with the ETB, together with the music community. Music Generation Sligo has adapted the key learnings and principles of our work through Live Music in the Classroom – this was recognised by the funders as a key strength in Sligo. A fundamental aspect is the delivery of a participatory Discovering Music Programme supported by Sligo County Council Arts Service Annual Programme.





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