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Proposals invited for Informal Music Afternoons at The Model 2019

We would like to invite proposals for Informal Music Afternoons during 2019.  IMAs take place on the first Sunday of each month commencing at 1 pm in The Model, Sligo.  We aim to programme a mix of music from different genres each IMA, but normally with what might be called “classical” music as a core.  Most usually a performer or ensemble will play for something between ten and forty minutes in an IMA programme. 

Informal Music Afternoons have an enthusiastic following of people who enjoy exploring music and musicians that are often unfamiliar to them; and they represent an important opportunity for performance for instrumentalists and singers who may have difficulty in finding a suitable platform.  One of the aspects of IMAs most frequently commented on is the fact that, despite a cabaret style set-up, performance receives silent and appreciative attention. 

The takings and any funding or sponsorship is divided between performers.  All administration is done on a voluntary basis, which is partly how IMAs operate with such a low admission charge.  Accessibility is one of our fundamental goals.  We are also keen to involve student performance when of a sufficiently high standard.  IMAs receive support from The Arts Council and Sligo County Council. 

If you have a proposal please forward it with details of instrument/s piece/s, performer/s and dates when if would be possible. 

Please send proposals to: 

Rod Alston: or

Anna Houston:


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