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Blue Raincoat presents Beckett Hazelwood


Beckett Hazelwood 

21 - 30 September, 2017 

Nightly at 8pm

Blue Raincoat, one of Ireland's most celebrated theatre companies, and the only full-time ensemble in the country, present a signature off site theatrical event, Beckett Hazelwood in the unique setting of the derelict Saehan factory in the middle of Hazelwood Demesne, Sligo.

The company will stage three of Beckett's most powerful short plays A Piece Of MonologuePlay and Footfalls promenade style in the atmospheric surrounds of the long abandoned warehouse space located just outside of Sligo town.

Speaking about the production, Artistic Director Niall Henry said “We are very excited to present these works in such a wonderful space. The location opens up such amazing possibilities for these great plays. We will place each play in a particular location in the old factory and guide the audience through the large space to each performance - a physical and a theatrical journey as such.”


A Piece of Monologue  

Cast: Ciaran McCauley

Director: John Carty

The light fades up on a room in which a white-haired old man – identified simply as Speaker – stands motionless facing a blank wall. After a ten-second pause the actor begins speaking and continues without a break till the end of the play.



Cast: Hillary Bowen-Walsh, Miriam Needham and Bob Kelly

Director: John Carty

The curtain rises on three identical grey funeral urns about three feet tall, arranged in a row facing the audience. They contain three characters. In the middle urn is a man. To his right is his wife or long-time partner. The third urn holds his mistress.



Cast: Sandra O’Malley, Hillary Bowen-Walsh

Director: Bob Kelly 

One of a long line of Beckett protagonists whose name begins with an M, May is a woman in her forties. She paces back and forth on a strip of bare landing outside her dying – if not already dead – mother’s room.


Design: Paul McDonnell

Sound: Joe Hunt

Lighting: Barry McKinney


Duration 70 minutes, no interval


Ticket prices: €15 – 18. Booking:




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