Sligo Jazz Project

Sligo Jazz Project (SJP) was founded in 2005 by a group of Sligo jazz musicians: Eddie Lee, Felip Carbonell, Jim Meehan and Eddie McFarlane, in an attempt to fill a void in the education of jazz and improvised music in the Ireland Northwest region and its EU Gateway City, Sligo.

SJP’s main functions are to promote music education and audience building in the area through performance and teaching. This is achieved through instrumental and ensemble masterclasses and workshops in the disciplines of improvisational techniques, jazz theory, harmony, ear training and rhythm training. By bringing in world-class instructors to teach and perform at a major annual international summer school and jazz festival event, SJP aims to improve the musicianship of its local and regional performers and improve the music scene by attracting musicians to the area from Ireland and abroad.  

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